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Geomax Zenith Pro 35??  

Frank Willis
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Is anyone out there using this equipment?  How well does it work?  Is it good around canopy?  Multipath gross errors  or bad initializations?  Overall satisfaction?

What about their tablet and software that comes with it?


Have you used it with cell phone chips gsm?

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I have been using this setup since late 2016. However, I am using the Carlson Surveyor 2 data collector with the Carlson SurvCe software. I work in an area with lots of evergreen trees. If canopy is super dense you will have some issues getting initializations. I am surprised at some of the areas that I do get initialization and I have not come across a bad one yet. The only issue I have had is the batteries and it is not really an issue. I have had to replace one of the rechargable batteries last year and have not found a source yet other than the dealer. Let me know if you want to know anything else.



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We have been using the Zenith 35Pro paired with Carlson RT3 tablet since last March  Like Dennis, we fix in places not expected.  The more multipath, the longer it takes to filter out the bad stuff and provide a fixed solution.  Have not had a bad fix - there are two fixes, one a verifiable fix (99.9%) and the other a fix.  I have sent crew back out to check 'fix' and obtain a 'verifiable fix'.  The difference was a few hundredths similar to any second shot using RTK. The 35pro has bluetooth, wifi, uhf radio, and cellular.  Initial setup was easy.  We use AT&T for cellular service and works well.

RT3 tablet - works great for 1 or 2 persons but would not suggest for field crews.  Touch control has advantages and disadvantages.  Does not work well in rain (compared to pushing a key/button) but there is a toggle to improve keyboard functionality in bad weather.  Just think you need to get used to    SurvPC is similar to SurvCE and intuitive.  Works well with the 35pro.  Our tablet is integrated with our office network and is just another computer/user.  If something happened to the tablet, you can port your Carlson software to another tablet and keep working.  The RT3 is made by Juniper - good support.

Would I purchase another Geomax Zenith 35Pro - yes.  I like the tablet and SurvPC.  I have someone used to punching keys on a data collector who complains about the touchscreen on the tablet - mostly what you are used to.






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