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FTP Push - File and Directory Management Advice  

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Hello Surveyors!

I'm setting up a few Trimble NETR9 receivers around our National Parks up here in AK.  Besides using NTRIP, I also require FTP pushing of files to servers (currently UAF) for post-processing software (pathfinder office, TBC, Trimble Positions and Trimble TerraFlex).  Besides T02 files, this means a Zipped file (RINEX format) in either hourly or daily scheduled FTP delivery.  I'm experienced in manipulating internet fetch strings to pick up any file, which Trimble folds into the Community Base Station List, accessible by all the aforementioned software.  Now that I'm putting up multiple stations, and in light of a whole suite of file naming and folder conventions at my disposal (NETR9), what is the "best" way to manage these.

File names - I lean towards following NGS example from the User Friendly file format.  Simple, and smallest in character.  I can also do a whole sort of other longer file names beginning with session, serial number of receiver and DATE /Time formats (in UTC time).  Anyone have recommendations, advice in this arena?

Directory structure.  I'm a fan of simplicity.  I would like a folder construct of the 4-letter CODE for the station, followed by sub folders with YYYY / GPS DAY / but there again are many other options.  File "mass" is not a concern and plowing thru one directory is done with internet fetch tools, so who cares about GPS DAY right?  Thoughts about Directory structure layout.


Again - thanks to this forum for this opportunity to ask the community of surveying professionals.

Joel Cusick

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