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Experience with Leica TS15 imaging total station?  

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Hi, I have a TCRP1205  robotic with a CS15 data collector, all in great condition and serves me very well. I have been thinking about upgrading to a TS15 imaging as I do a lot of elevation work. Looking at the spec sheet, a 5-megapixel camera doesn't seem very high on such a small screen for capturing detailed work. 

At the moment I'm doing field sketches and noting each shot on the sketch with the corresponding point number on the total station then working up in Cad. 

Am I correct in thinking that it's possible to take a photo of the building fascia with the total station and then each shot I take is recorded with its number on that photo? 

Anyone here had much experience with the imaging side of things, as far as I can see the TS15 is pretty much the same as my 1205 apart from running Viva which I have on my CS15.  

Any info appreciated. 

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Cameron Watson PLS
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This was done with a MS60 but you would see similar results from the TS15i.  We don't use it very often though.  A good coding scheme, F2F procedures and your cell phone camera will eliminate the need for most of your note taking and sketches. 

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Hi Cameron,  yeah I've been using an app called ImagemeterPro for a while now and that is very very good. The only problem being it's android only and there are literally no android tablets with anywhere near decent camera's.  I have a samsung Note 9 phone with a great camera but I still find the screen too small, I tend to photo with my phone and then bluetooth the photos to my tablet. Here in the UK the imaging total stations are very hard to find on the used market,  I'm guessing that's because the technology has been superseded by other tech already. Thanks for the reply.  


logan woolf
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all stored points and lines can be overlaid in the image from the camera which can be very useful when working remotely and reviewing after the fact.

camera can also be used to locate your target or yourself among obstacles, especially with guide lights reflecting on your prism. useful for checking visibility to a point without walking back to the instrument to look through.

I've even measured points reflectorless from site super's office to everybody's amazement (including my own). imaging total station is one of those things you don't think you need until you've had it.

I usually use camera when measuring building corners to visually see that prism is pointed at instrument and correct offset direction is used. if you work alone it's a huge time saver.

also, the camera can make working in low light much easier by automatically adjusting exposure when looking through is just too dark. good for high setups too when you can't reach the eyepiece. 


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