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Eureka Springs, Ar  

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Recently spent 3 days in Eureka Springs before spending the 4th of July in Kansas with family.

I can't tell you how many times we walked up and down the narrow streets of the Historic Downtown area and I only found a single survey marker. I'm aware that the streets of the town were raised and that for early years, the streets were nothing but mud. All that being said, I find it hard to believe that only one corner would be along the sidewalk, near the face of the buildings.

Thinking about it now, I guess it would be possible for the building face to be the right-of-way. Either way, it was a fun trip and the town hasn't changed much since my last visit in 1994.

IMG 0915

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paden cash
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Beautiful part of country.  I use to take R&R in Eureka Springs at least once a year in the '80s.  And Christmas use to be a really magic time there.  I usually stayed at the Crescent Hotel.  It was a beautiful old place.  I remember they had a cat there for years that had two paws on one front leg.  I can't remember his name but her use to hang out in the stairways. A lot of shops had entrances on street level but the back doors were 2 stories lower.

I don't think I ever thought of surveying while I was there...  😉

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We learned on this trip how "haunted" the Crescent Hotel is. Glad you made it out safe.

Brad Ott
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Is that photo from 1994?