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Editing gps raw data files in Rinex  

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Glenn Borkenhagen
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I just had occasion to try Trimble's fixdatweek.exe on a DAT file from a Trimble 4700 receiver.  The user reported that FixWeek did not work, but I tried Trimble's fixdatweek and was able to get an OPUS solution.

You can download Trimble's fixdatweek installer from , then click on the hyperlink "Downloads".  If that link does not work, simply search for "fixdatweek installer" and you will get there.

After installation go to the folder where it is installed (probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Trimble\fixdatweek) and there is an RTF file (will open with Microsoft 
Word) that describes how to use fixdatweek.exe.  Probably will be easiest to copy the EXE file to a directory on your computer where you have write privileges, then copy the DAT file there and run the program per the instructions.


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