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Dog Repellant Experience?  

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holy cow
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First dog that clamped down on the toe of my work boot gently flew about 10 feet before landing on the lawn.  Her retreat back to her pups was immediate.  I had been sweet talking her to the max but she really didn't care.  She was certain I wanted to injure her pups.  I had no such intention, but, she was positive about the threat.  I am fairly certain that no amount of her favorite treat would have kept her from trying to drive me away.  Inflicting something like pepper spray would have been nasty for both her and her pups when she went back to them.  It was an awkward moment.  I am sure that to a dachshund I looked like a 100-foot tall beast.

Her attitude did not bother me.  What bothered me was the brainless twits inside the house who had not mentioned what might happen as soon as I entered the back yard, which I clearly explained to said twits would be necessary about two minutes before entering HER TURF.

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Daniel Ralph
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The only breed of dog that has bitten me is the dachshund. Nasty Varmints

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All you're going to do is pizz them off. Might work one time, but they'll be ready the next time. Shepard dog or mixed are pretty smart. Better to get them locked up on a return trips. Big dogs are a problem. Like you said, one was in front and the other behind. They know what they are doing.

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Wasp spray

A Harris
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Some days you have to make yourself bigger and badder than the dogs that are trying to keep you from your destination, your path or getting back to your vehicle.

Wild animals are territorial and best to cower down, retreat and find another route.

Having a 24in razor sharp machete or ditchbank blade can have advantages over the more aggressive critters that are smaller than you, the faster and larger ones simply need to be avoided as best as possible.

My preference is a long staff as it is very good at keeping critters and dogs that far away.

Dave Karoly
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Dogs like me for some reason which is weird because I'm not a dog person.  I have very few problems with dogs.

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