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DIY Clipboard mount for survey rod  

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I've been doing a lot of construction staking lately and although it's not 100% necessary to carry around a stakeout plot with me, it certainly makes things easier. I hate fumbling around with it though, digging it out of my pocket and so on, whenever I get to a new point. For a while I was using a binder clip to fasten the sheet to the rod. That works okay, but the wind likes to knock it around. So, I looked online for a clipboard attachment. These attachment arms are kind of expensive and look heavy. I decided to make my own and only spent $15.51.


machine screws #8 32 by 3/4 inch MA-509 - $0.97

flat washers #8 WA-565 - $0.97

Clipboard $1.88

Broom Gripper 17007-es Command brand $6.84

One Tie 4 pack TOT60008 $3.97

plus tax = $15.51

The assembly is pretty straight forward just look at the pictures, it works pretty good. Tell me what you think.


20190817 225209
20190817 225203
20190817 224731
20190817 224714

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Tim V. PLS
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Nicely done.

For me, these days I send a PDF of the point plot to my phone, a Galaxy Note 9, and use that instead of a print.  With the stylus I can make notes on the PDF.

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Thanks Tim,

I have tried to use my phone like you do but find the screen to hard to see in the sun. When I get a new phone Ill look at the galaxy 9 and see if its any better than my phone. the clipboard is pretty handy for just holding the fieldbook when I'm doing boundaries and other things. 

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Does it hang onto the rod when yer diggin' around for stuff, or jabbing it into the ground for a shot?

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Norm Larson
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If it does, he can glue a piece of bicycle inner tube to the part and it will stop any movement.  It's what I do on the printed fittings, a side benefit is you can lessen the clamping force as well

Artie Kay
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Just Google 'pilot's knee board', you could carry a mobile office around on some of those! There's an arm board version as well.