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Disgustingly survey related  

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Just A. Surveyor
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So there I was, heading in the general direction of my truck and shooting fence line as I go when the smell of rotting flesh hits me. Oh good lord it is bad and then I see the parts and pieces of a horse laying around the area. I curse my lot in life as I try and take shallow breaths and get through the area and then I sink into a mess.

Oh it was terrible, I sunk up to my boot tops in the shallow grave of a rotting horse that had died and was buried and the coyotes had pulled off what they could and the attempts at covering it had not been very good as I broke through the earthen crust and into the yuk. 

I saved the GPS rover though my boots are outside after having been hosed off and scrubbed.

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UGH!!  I hated doing work on the side of highways because of roadkill.  I was very happy when we stopped doing DOT work.  I have burried my share of farm animals, and I go rent a excavator, and burry them several feet deep. 

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Andy Bruner
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If possible we would pile up downed limbs and trees over the carcass and burn it.  We were close enough to the river swamps that gators and other critters would dispose of a lot of them.


Andy J
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I had that happen with the remains of a dead black bear in Alaska.  I asked the crew chief what the hell smelled so bad, and he said "you're standing in it!"     Luckily it was a little more long gone than your find.   ugh...

paden cash
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I had a project at the sewage treatment lagoons in Fairview, OK.  As if that wasn't bad enough...on a return trip we found a pile of very dead cattle piled on top of a very critical control point.  We eventually got "public works" (1 man) to drive the rubber tired backhoe out there and scoop them over.  It still didn't make working there any better...just a little less "moist"..

I threw away a darned good pair of boots before driving home.  It took a week to get that smell out of my nose. 

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You guys make my experiences pale by comparison.  There is a bench mark that is forever recorded in my mind as "Dead Raccoon Culvert" from my first recovery there.  But the carcass was rotted or carried away before I went back to do the GPS session.

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