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Depositing ALTA survey for filing in CO  

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In browsing around CO website, I noticed that some surveyors record their ALTA surveys.  Is that typical?  Do they record them so that they don't have to make a separate map to comply with state law?  


If you do an improvement location survey, but the monuments have been shown before, and you didn't set anything, do you have to file a ILS?







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i don't know why they would record them as oppose to deposit them in the county surveyor index, but if a monument is "already of record" then it does not have to be deposited in the county surveyor index.

If you set a monument for a monumented land survey, in a subdivision that is older than 20 years, or accept a monument that is not of record, then you must deposit a "land survey plat" meeting the minimum standards of 38-51-106 in the county surveyor's index.

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