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Daycare survey  

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Just A. Surveyor
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How do you do a job on a day care?

Do you budget it to do on the weekend or after hours when the ankle biting heathens are not present? 

I am not at all comfortable working around a bunch of rug rats.

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Paul in PA
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Typically they have outdoor time and indoor time. Typically they only play outside within a fence. During the main part of the day the parking area is relatively empty. Alternatively budget in a field trip to the zoo for all, if the zoo will accept them.

Paul in PA

Jim Frame
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I've only done a daycare job once, a boundary and topo.  We just dove right in and did the work with little kids running all around us.  Their adult minders mostly kept them from interfering, and the job went pretty smoothly.

Ken Salzmann
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I have done topos at may school situations, and I would not worry about the kids as much as the mothers coming to pick them up.  Think of a bear separated from her cubs.  Your instrument, cones or no cones, or even you standing there in a vest with a rod, are not going to deter her from getting to her precious little one.  Find out when pick up happens and be sure to be elsewhere that time.



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Richard Imrie
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LOL. I'd say it's a bit more simpler than that - there are invisible lines of least effort that Joe and Joan Public use for their dailies, and if you're on one of those lines, you're gonna get smoked.

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One of my favorite surveying memories came while doing a topo in an elementary school playground.

The kids were running around the instrument very curious during recess and the teacher seized the moment to let them know that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were surveyors.

I added that Abraham Lincoln was a surveyor too.

One little boy looked up to me with a curious look on his face...He asked... “ Are you the President?”

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