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Carlson SurvPC/CE & Sokkia Robotic  

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I have been using Carlson SurvPC on the RT3 tablet for a while now with my robotics SX-101T. Usually I will get the error of unable to rotate instrument once in a blue moon but recently it seems that for every set collection I do, it will keep having this error. Anyone else faced such an issue? Talking with the help department they can't replicate the issue when I send in the error codes and video of it happening. 

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Bad motor in the robot? We had 1 motor go on an IX and I know a guy who had 2 go on a Topcon GT.

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I had managed to borrow another SX101 from my dealer and it appears to give the same problem. Tried my own with the basic programme onboard the station and it seems to rotate just fine. 

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I use Carlson SurvCE with a Topcon robot and the only real problem I have is the arrow pad that moves the robot will randomly swap directions.  Up/Down will suddenly move the robot left/right and vice versa.  Really irritating.

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I used Carlson for a number of years with a number of brands. I feel they have some of the best features on a DC unit, however, they are some of the "buggiest" units I've ever used. The answers I got from their senior tech people was, "We are a thrid party, and the makers, ie. Topcon etc, don't share a lot of needed information, there for we can only make it work so well." They have serious vertical errors with rtk units too. Had vertical errors of a few robots I used as well. Moral of the story is, Carlson has great features like maps and linework tools, but the trade off is some basics are crazy. Just my own opinion having used them. Good luck!

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