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Active-Track or Multi-track??  

Survey Sue
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For those of you using robotics: Active Track or Multi-track and why? Need some outside sources to give me input. I started with the Multi-track and have recently had opportunity to play with Active-track. I wont muddy the waters with my findings. I would like to know yours as well as preference. Thanks for any input on the matter!!

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I have used a 360 for many years but I got a multi earlier this year and I love it. My Trimble salesman wouldn't even sell me an active because he thinks it's garbage. His opinion, not mine.

No more rogue shots on signs and anything else reflective. I don't have to take my sweatshirt off anymore and put it over a sign.

Jim Frame
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For those of you using robotics: Active Track or Multi-track and why?

I use robotics, and use neither Active Track nor Multi-Track.  (Hint:  not everyone uses Trimble products.)

Eric Kara
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From my research, and taking off my Leica hat. This information is coming from my experience with Trimble instruments and trusted friends.  Also this video from a Trimble dealer is also very good at explaining everything. I shared this in another thread last week.  

The Active track is more precise (2mm at 200m). However there are some limitations, It's only certified to 200m and is not designed to measure past that distance. If the battery dies, then you can't use it as a passive prism. You also have to be careful of any reflective items behind you and in front of you. Trimble recommends using this prism above chest level as it is possible for your robot to shoot your vest. so with the target in the air how accurate is your prism pole?

The Multitrack is a more traditional 360 prism. The prism is certified to 5sec's, I believe that's "OK" for most jobs. Since it's just like any 360 prism, if you are looking to achieve better than 5sec accuracy then make sure you point the prism in the same direction to the instrument. Also, if your battery dies then it's a passive prism so no big deal.  The only problem is with diodes. These are used for the active system. If they are pushed in or even have some spray paint on them you can blow a shot. 



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Dave Karoly
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Multiple reflective objects detected.

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