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About GSA Contracting  

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Has anybody heard about private companies that have "agreements" with the Federal Goverment and request a 4 to 5 K payment, and claim they guarantee a minimum of 20-25 K yearly contracts thru the GSA? 

What exactly do they do? Just help you out fill out for SAM,  DBE, HUB, etc? Having these does not guarantee any contracts.

They help you out with a "GSA Schedule Contract" What exactly is this and how does this work?



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A Harris
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I have a friend that paid a fee to a company that promised him work with companies that did government work an dhe quit his job, sold the farm and when he showed up to work he found the site closed down and nothing but a hole behind a locked gate.

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Not sure if this discussion applies, but it's pretty close:

Jim Frame
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What exactly is this and how does this work?

I think it works like this:  you send them your money, and they're happy to have it.  As for what it is exactly, I think the word "scam" probably fits the bill.

But if you want more realistic details, check out this link.

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So Mike,

You probably recently signed up for GSA contracts with the federal government.  Believe it or not, the government sold the contact list. or it was data mined.  This happens to everyone, and you are going to get a ton of email helping you secure GSA contracts, and helping you register for something and helping this and that.  Delete every one of those and handle it yourself, they are not worth your time.  BUT before you delete the email, take the time and go to the bottom - these emails that use the government mailing lists must be required to have an unsubscribe or opt-out link.  I unsubscribed like crazy for a few months after I saw alot of mail from the same companies.  It did help, and they did remove me from their mailing lists - and it did quiet down, after about 6 months.