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A new one for me  

Daniel Ralph
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Lounging in the sunshine at my desk reading the description attached to the deed for an elementary school. Metes and bounding around the property just like you would expect when I come across this diddy at the end. "Less all fissionable materials."  I have to confess I had to look that up.  

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A. Sellman
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Reminds me of going to my local spent nuclear material depository, gathering up some depleted uranium rods and cutting them into 36" lengths to be used for monumenting sixteenth corners on various Reservation properties. It's great to be able to find the corners with a Geiger counter, and nothing grows near them (at least in a normal fashion).

It's also known as the "Three-Mile Island" method 😛

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Dave Lindell
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And you can probably find them at night because they glow in the dark.