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A Good Day for GPS  

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Field Dog
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20190618 091051
20190618 091535

A three minute session on a section corner.

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D Bendell
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Looks good. I spent the first part of yesterday in FL_West jumping in and out of the truck and trying to dodge lightning. Quality sucked til afternoon which is usually the opposite and PM is lousy. 

Had a bad day a couple weeks ago and I'm still not sure what was going on exactly cause my residuals were fine. Later realized my points were spiked all over the place. They were spraying chemtrails above so I should have put a tinfoil hat on the rover perhaps.(See donut-puff pattern.) I didn't have time to take more pics, but a few planes were going. Later I wondered if there was some GPS weirdness related to this junk...

NCM 1115
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Aka: The Everglades? 😎 

D Bendell
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FL_West in the Everglades will spike your X,Y,Zs a little bit too...

R.J. Schneider
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Been following this afternoon GNSS window thread for awhile, but never seen it. Our quality (Houston area) degrades some around the noon hour, or at least it isn't as toasty as it gets to either side of noon.

We saw it today. Thought it was due to some power lines we were under, loading up at a peak hour, if it weren't for our check-in missing the quality we routinely get.


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