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Trimble DiNi levelling data into Infinity  

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This one has probably be answered before. I searched to no avail.
My workplace uses Infinity and we are being provided a .dat file from a Trimble DiNi level.
I've tried to import it into to Inifinity with no success.
Is there a converter available to turn the .dat file into a gsi file?
Also, is there an output that can be both produced and used by Leica and Trimble instruments and software packages?

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The DAT file is a simple text file. I am 99% sure that Infinity will not read it. (Heck, I have trouble getting Infinity to read Leica-derived files...)

In the past I have looked at it with a text viewer and then manually input the data into Excel and/or Infinity.

The format is pretty easy to see, if I remember correctly the backsight readings are "Rb" and the foresight readings are "Rf". "HD" is the horizontal distance. Elevations and station IDs are pretty easy to ID. However, I don't think it records the HI, you will have to compute that yourself.

PM me or post back if you run into problems.

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