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SurvCE/SurvPC - Custom Programmable Buttons  

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Pipe dream or perhaps reality, I have a desire to get more out of my software/hardware and am hopeful someone can steer me in the right direction.

I do lots of topo, 1500 shots per day for my one man band is typical.  For anyone that does big time data collection, you know that data entry REALLY bogs you down. 

I am big into the Tennessee Department of Transportation's Geopak line and feature codes.  These work flawlessly with my Microstation and Geopak office suites.  Carlson has even developed a fantastic *fcl file that mimics TDOT's standards.  All good so far. I was trained and after decades of work, have it now ingrained in my DNA that a line string begins with a + (ie +EP) and ends with a - (-EP).   For instance a 5 shot string along an edge of pavement would be coded: +EP, EP, EP, EP, -EP .  In Geopak it doesn't matter if I have other shots thrown in as well (mailbox, pipe, utilities, whatever) it simply connects successive EP's in between the + and the -.  

I use a Carlson RT3 that has 3 physical programmable buttons.  My dream is that I could program P1 to take whatever code was last used and currently populates the code box and make it a + version of that code (EP or -EP becomes +EP), the P2 button removes any line string code (+EP becomes EP), and the P3 button makes the current code a - version (EP becomes -EP).  I envision this working for all linear feature codes (utilities, breaklines, drainage, etc.)

My hope is that this functionality is already in the field software and I just need some help programming my physical buttons.  If its not possible now, I hope Carlson takes note and can add such functionality in future updates.

Additionally, though I have begin and end line special codes set up in SurvPC, it doesn't seem to honor them as it draws the line strings on screen.


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