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Point cloud processing computer help  

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Hi all,
After looking into buying a computer to run software for processing point cloud data (Leica register, and other programs) Iam wondering what other people use to handle the data.
I would like a off the shelf option but I am being told building my own is the way to go?
any thoughts or recommendations?

thank you!

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Norman Oklahoma
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I don't do that kind of work myself, but I know someone well who does.  What you want, mostly, is all the RAM memory you can pack in. That is rarely available off the shelf. 

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16gb ram on x64bit OS. I was able to get by on an i7/16gb laptop running Global Mapper 18 with the Lidar option. It still took roughly 30 minutes to process an 8gb point cloud file for attribute segregation & thinning . Not sure if adding more ram would quicken the process. Maybe others could chime in on that option. Once we were able to eliminate unwanted points then creating a DTM was faster.


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Dave Karoly
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You need a lit of HD space.

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First you got to check what programmes are you planning to run on the system. Some programmes run very well on multi thread CPU but some programmes need a higher clock count. You need high RAM and storage as well. Working on projects on SSDs minumum and later storing on HDD will help save some costs. 


A good place to seek out information is Laserscanningforum. 

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