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Magnet Office Volume Error  

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I think I have found a error when calculating a volume in Magnet Office. Just seeing if someone can check it for me.


If I have an existing surface and then lower that surface by 1m for example then do a volume calculation on it.

The volume in the report is being calculated by using the Plan area x 1m where is should be calculating the Surface Area x 1m.

If you have a large surface with a steep slope this can be a big error.

I have attached a test Magnet file with the 2 surfaces and also the report to show this.

I have attached a sample magnet file and also the report.

You will see the volume is calculated using the plan area 216003 x 1m = 2166003m3

The correct calculation should be 601195 x 1m  = 601195m3

Can you please let me know if you find something similar and what version you are using

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All of my volumes are calc'd in Civil 3d and not magnet. I trust the TIN intersection method it uses and have done some checks on it to ensure accuracy.

Dave Karoly
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Can you export your surfaces to a LandXML file?