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Leica TRCP1203+ non starting  

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hallo my problem is that my device doesn´t start anymore ...

my supporter told me to format the nvram but i am not sure to make it right ??

i took my cf card on laptop erase all content and create an txt file with the content "formatnvram" ... that doesnt work ... anybody has an idea ?? or do i have to go to the leica-support ??

please help me ....

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Does the instrument power up at all, or are the applications just not working? In the past I've had issues with the instrument freezing up and crashing, and the solution was to purchase a new CF card.

If you want to format the memory device the safest way is to do it on the instrument. Go to the tools menu > format memory device > format complete. I've tried formatting on the computer before and ended up with a card which would constantly corrupt, best to do it with the instrument.

John Putnam
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This is a little strange. Our 1203 just stopped working over the weekend. Won't power up with a battery. I'm just going out to the rig to get a y cable and see if it will fire up with external power.

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If the NVRAM clearing does not work you have issues with the instrument and it needs to go to a Leica Service Center. I did notice that you said you formatted the CF card in you PC. I would try the procedure again but it would require another System1200 unit where you could format the card in a System1200 unit or if you have another CF card that was used in the instrument but never formatted in your PC you could use that one. I would not worry about the card being clean. I would make sure that the formatting of the CF card is the same as the System1200 units.

If you can format the card in another System1200 unit or have another CF card that was used in the instrument... try to repeat the process one more time by:

1. Have a fully charged battery in the instrument
2. Create an empty ASCII file and name it exactly - FormatNVRAM with no extension
3. Place the file in the root of the CF card and place it back in the instrument
4. Power the instrument
5. Wait about 10 minutes and then pull the battery

It sounds like you did everything correctly except maybe the formatting of the CF card. If the instrument will not power then you definitely need to send the unit to a Leica Service Center.

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thx a lot 😀

i´ve called to the support yesterday ... i will send it to them ...

i think it wasn´t the cf card ... will inform you about the solution when i recieve it ...