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Sergeant Schultz
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Bought a new-to-me Win 10 tablet to use in the field.  Tried to install Acad 2006, Autodesk says no support, won't let me activate it.  I thought I had purchased a "perpetual" license way back when - but I guess not.  Anyone had a similar experience?

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My guess would be that Acad 2006 is probably not compatible with Win 10.

I've seen that before with previous versions of Acad not being compatible with like win 7.

So, though you probably Do have a perpetual license, that does not help with compatibility issues.


Edit: here is a link explaining that Acad 2006 is, indeed, not compatible with Win 10.

and here is a link to some 3rd party software that supposedly supports older acad with newer windows.

I have not tested the above software, and am not associated with them in any way. Try at your own risk as it were.

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Steven Metelski
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Create a directory called C:\ Programs. Direct the 32 bit version to install in that directory.

Then watch this video on YouTube to modify your registry so CAD can recognize any mapped drives.



It's all on the up and up. Nothing is cracked and no downloads necessary and no money spent on longbow. 

However..... bear in mind that taking the machine home (laptop) will give you issues. You will fatal error upon opening cad if you have jobs from the other network drive in your queue under the File dropdown menu. If you're going to move the machine to a new location, open up dummy jobs on your local drive until you clear out those recents. I think it's four drawings? It only happened to me when I was using my laptop at work and home. I realized it was the recent queue under File and that workaround was the trick. 

Also,  disable Today (whatever that popup is when you open cad for the first time in the morning). This could cause issues, so disabling it is easier in the long run.


I accomplished this on a win 7 64 bit laptop (the registry trick is not needed here)

I also accomplished this on a win 10 64 bit desktop (registry fix needed)

CAD version I used this with is Land Desktop 3

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Very interesting, thank you. I might try to revive an old version of Acad (if I can find it in the mess).

Darryl Beard
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Yep I have been having issues with Carlson embedded in Autocad 2007 last few months. I was able to speak to someone in early June with Autodesk and they got me a new activation code. It got blown out again last week and I couldnt resolve through Autodesk. Replaced with Carlson in Intellicad. Screw Autodesk.

Gene Kooper
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I received an email from my Autodesk reseller on August 20 that Autodesk would no longer provide authorization codes for 2010 or earlier versions after August 31, 2019.  Your perpetual license dies when the machine you have a legacy version installed on croaks.  Nice that they gave 10 days notice!  What Autodesk really desires is to end all perpetual licenses.  They only want to rent Autodesk products.

On August 31st, 2019, Autodesk will end support for versions 2010 and earlier that have reached end of support and ask that you upgrade to a supported version. You can continue to use your product if you already have it installed, but Autodesk will no longer provide re-activation for these versions.

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If its only a compatibility issue then Longbow converter is worth a try.  I know it has worked for other folks using older versions of ACAD.  I believe the real issue is that 2006 was written for 32 bit machines and your windows 10 would be 64 bit.  This is what Longbow converter aims to fix. 

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