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holy cow
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My experience is exactly opposite.  The new one I bought at least 2 months ago is still using the ones that came in it.  I bought replacements a month ago assuming the worst.  They are gathering dust so far.  Probably just jinxed myself.

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Every printer I've ever bought has come with ink cartridges that are 1% filled.  Well, except for an old school Citizen GSX printer with a ribbon from back in the 90s.  That thing never ran out of ink the entire 15 years I had it.

A Harris
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I have two Brother all in one's

One is hooked to wireless network and the other is new in box in closet.

Last 20yrs if it is larger than ledger it gets pdf sent to print shop 40mi away.

Has been cheaper than keeping equipment going

Daniel Ralph
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Above is a review of the Costco refill program. 

Google the Costco ink refill site to see what cartridges they can work with and the cost. In typical Costco fashion they seem to have the system dialed in. 

The black cartridge for my Brother printer is about $35 retail; a refill is $20. Problem is when I go to Costco for a refill I usually buy a bunch of other things (candy) I really don't need. 

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Don't you have access to so called tank ink system printers? Brother, Epson, HP are selling them. The inks are refillable and the heads last for several tank refills.

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