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Sergeant Schultz
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So, now that Autodicks have upped my stress level quite a bit, HP steps up for the next bit of news.  Y'all may recall my several diatribes regarding my DJ T120 printer and how much aggravation it's caused me, well here's another cute lil prank it's pulled.

I just, like 2 weeks and MAYBE 20 B size prints ago, replaced all the ink cartridges - something like $150±.  They were still full, to all intents and purposes, when the printer decided it needed a new printhead.  $237.86 but FREE SHIPPING!  Whoo-hoo! 

The icing on this particular cake is that the instructions do not allow the re-installation of existing ink cartridges, and you must use the INTRO cartridges included with the printhead.  I told SWMBO one more straw on my back and I was going to pitch the sumbitch off the roof onto the driveway, ala Dave Letterman, finish it off with the 8 lb. mall, dust the pieces liberally with powdered sugar and ship 'em to Meg Whitman.

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I feel your pain. Mine is minor, 'cause I don't make a living with computers and stuff, but I recently had my internet upgraded, which came with the provider's modem. I have a wireless HP printer, cheap one, to be fair, but still expected to work. It will not connect to the new modem. Says password is wrong, which I've sent directly from my connected laptop, so I can't fix that.

OK, so I connect the printer to my old modem and then just switch networks to print. Inconvenient, but not a big deal, 'cause I don't print much.

Well, backing up in time, I got a Chromebook for Christmas. Long story, but I wanted one. Been printing fine since Christmas, but now it won't. Why? Because Chromebooks use Google cloud print exclusively and my old modem, which drives the printer, is no longer connected to the internet. Under my old slow internet, my Chromebook could have printed a Mr. Food recipe from my mechanic's place while I got my oil changed. Now it can't print from my recliner.

My daughter gave me a t-shirt lettered "Hand-held Device" with a picture of a pencil on it. I'm going to start wearing it.

holy cow
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The price of the printer and the price of the ink cartridges required are nearly identical.  That is insane.

Daniel Ralph
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I learned that the ink cartridges that come with the printer have about ten drops of ink in them which require you to immediately replace them $$$$$.  This tidbit of information came from the guy at Costco who refilled it for far less than a new one would cost.  Before I buy another inkjet printer I am going make sure that the cartridges can be refilled. 

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Just A. Surveyor
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Yeah, good luck with that.  Be sure to tell us how that works out for you.

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