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Tyler Brown
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I am trying to utilize field to finish drafting and I have several questions about the best way to go about doing this.

1. Should I be setting up codes in Magnet Field or Civil 3D? (We are currently using Civil 3D 2017).

2. If the surface is created in Magnet Field can it be converted to Civil 3D to be edited?

3. Can anyone share their code library so we can see an example that works?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Suggest you setup Magnet Field to draw the line work in real time. This is a good check before leaving the field (your canvas). You can create styles so the same codes will work Civil3D to reprocess that data.

Or as you noted you could create the surface in Magnet Field then Export an XML file to work with Civil3D.

Jim Frame
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leegreen, post: 456908, member: 2332 wrote: Suggest you setup Magnet Field to draw the line work in real time.

My experience with GUI-equipped data collectors is limited to the Allegro CX and the Carlson Surveyor+, but I've found the map screen to be of very limited use. Looking at points only is tedious enough, I can't imagine trying to make sense of linework on that tiny display. Is it just me, or is other hardware better in this regard?

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Yeah I think it would be pretty bad on a tiny screen like that.  I used a Topcon FC 5000 tablet for a couple years and the giant screen made map view truly handy.

I never got around to doing it but it was on my list of things to tinker with in my spare time-- you can set the colors of the linework in the data collector so you aren't looking at a rat's nest of black lines.  I planned to set them to the same colors that Civil 3D drew them at but like I say I didn't quite get around to it.

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Certainly "other hardware is better in this regard". Using a 7" Windows tablet with i5 CPU, SSD, 8GB RAM & 1280x960 display, the line work is very easy to see.

Jimmy Cleveland
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I held one of Topcon's new FC5000 tablets a few weeks ago, and really liked it. My Topcon Dealer has Survey Pro on it, as well as Magnet. It was pretty easy to read in the sunlight, but I did not do a full demo. I was there getting some total stations serviced on my way to our TAPS meeting.

The screen was pretty nice sizewise.

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