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Civil 3D Point Group Problems  

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Bow Tie Surveyor
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I have been having a problem lately with point groups not being stable. I have a standard point group defined by raw description to isolate all of my survey control point monumentation. It is a rather lengthy list of maybe 25 different monument descriptions. My issue is that every now and then, I will go into the point group definition and like all but 2 of the raw descriptions that I had previously listed are gone. As a result all of my survey monumentation disappears from the point group.

Now just today one of our engineering techs noticed an issue with our surface not using the ground points we shot. I checked our surface point group, which usually contains them with all of the other ground feature point descriptions and sure enough all but one of them was gone. As a result, our surface was corrupted.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

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Richard Imrie
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For the second issue, maybe check they are not being collected in another group, by description or point number. Our Civil 3D "template" rolls on from the last project, so often there are groups that include/exclude by point number that were specific to that project.

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Remember that you can "lock" your point group definitions.  Might help.

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I haven't seen this in a while, but I believe that the Description Key Sets can screw up point groups. Importing new sets, or shuffling multiple keys and applying them might reset or remove the raw descriptions available for selection in the group definitions.

WA-ID Surveyor
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We have not experienced that issue and use point groups daily.  Which version are you using?

We control survey monument point groups by point number range and our surface points by a predefined include and excluded code listing.

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