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Carlson Survey 2019 SurvNet  

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Having a new one when I put in my raw file where we ran front to back (old boundary loop from two yrs ago) says Math Overflow error During Iterations.   Not sure what the heck the problem is?  Seems to be something with my point substitution string (=) sign.


Let me know if you are an expert at this.  I have been banging my head with it for several years, have not been able to master it yet.

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Shawn Billings
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Number one killer for me was always forgetting about overwritten points. The coordinates of the first point might be gone but the raw data still exists and the adjustment software tries to make a closure with  observations named the same but not really representative of the same point. 

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Which version are you using? The version I have in Carlson Survey 2011 rarely works but the same files in newer versions do resolve.

First thing to look at is the reports. Look for observations marked with * and try to work out why they are causing a problem usually it is point numbering issues and sometimes it is as Shawn said above.

It took me some time to get it right and running smoothly but worth it.


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Ladd Nelson
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If you'd care to send me your project data and project settings/processing files, I'll be happy to take a look to see if I can figure out what is throwing the error.


Stacy Carroll
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I'm by no means an expert. I recently processed a rather large network that gave me that error. In every instance,  it was a point numbering issue. Whoever is collecting the data needs to be really careful about point numbers. He/she processing it should be careful as well because of overwritten points, as mentioned earlier. 

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