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Carlson 2019 and SurvCE 6.01 are just (25 Sept 2018) posted  

Mark Silver
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Just found SurvCE 6.01 posted on the Carlson download page. I have been using the beta versions for the past several weeks and it seems to address all of the issues with the early 6.00 that I have had. There are 2 1/2 pages of bug fixes and 1 1/2 pages of 'new stuff'. 

2019 is out too. If you have 2018 and it is in maintenance you can use the [ online tool ] to generate a 2019 serial number from your 2018 license.

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Does this mean those of us with iG8s can now update to 6.01 with no issues?

Mark Silver
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No issues? I don't think that will ever happen. This industry has reached a level of peak complexity and there are always going to be issues. Between the ground segment, space segment, GNSS engine, device firmware, correction back haul (UHF / cellular), data collector OS, collection software (like SurvCE) and all the other moving parts that I have forgotten to mention there is not much chance of being completely issue free. Looking back those days probably ended when the first microprocessor was put in a total station.

However for this case, in my personal testing, 6.01 is better than 5.09 (which is a recent release that wrapped up the beta 5.08.15 changes.)

[Begin Too Much Information Alert...]

I have tested 6.01 more than any other version and I even spent a few long days in the field over the weekend and Tuesday with it.

I have not tested all firmware combinations, and there is also new firmware (for the iG8) working through the release maze. If one were using an iGage iG8 or CHC i80 receiver I would personally recommend using released device firmware 1.6.25_b20180511. Unless you are using a SIM card in the receiver with 'Internal GSM' in which case you should contact me to get the secret beta version which I am not allowed to distribute. 

With the beta device firmware NTRIP and DIP work extremely well, other than you must manually disconnect to change sources.

In my testing I have used the UNAVCO real-time GPS array as the 'worst case scenario' for NTRIP mount tables. (You can click on this [ link ] in Edge, not chrome, to see the 172,000 byte mount table. ) I personally would like to see network operators segment all of the VRS mount points behind one port, all of the 'nearest' mount points behind another port, then the SBL (Single Base Line)  RTCM3 mount points behind one port, all of the RAW mount points behind another port, all of the CMRx mount points behind another point, all of the single baseline mount points behind another port. 

In a simpler world there might be 3 VRS style mount points on the main port (2101 would be a good choice): RTCM3.2, RTCM3, CMR+. Then on other ports there could be giant lists of mount points that change every week. I won't name networks here, but some of the mount tables are so convoluted that it causes endless problems for mortal users. There is just no excuse for a drop down selection box on a mobile device that has over 400 selections with descriptions that are over 30 characters each. To make matters worse, the underlying table order and stream names are changing every week on some networks. 

I guess I should get off my soapbox now.


Mark Silver
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FYI:  There is a 'free' upgrades to SurvCE / SurvPC 6 for users who purchased less than 60-days prior to the release of Version 6.

V6 was released on July 11 2018, so if you purchased a new copy of SurvCE/SurvPC after May 11 2018, then you can upgrade at no cost. It should be sufficient to remind your dealer of your SurvCE V5 serial number and they can hook you up with an upgrade.

This does not apply to 'Upgrades'. So if you upgraded from version 4 to version 5 on July 1st, you are still going to have to pay to upgrade from version 5 to version 6. However, the cost per version upgrade is only $150. NBD (No Big Deal) right?

Finally it is worth mentioning: it is possible to 'kind-of' have two versions on one data collector (which makes for easy reversion). You can copy the 'SurvCE' folder under 'Program Files' to '/Program Files/SurvCE5' and then do an upgrade to version 6. Now the SurvCE folder will hold V6. If you ever needed to revert to version 5, you can just rename the SurvCE folder to SurvCE6, then rename the SurvCE5 folder to SurvCE and you are back to 5.