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Autocad Civil 3d Survey Data Layer Management Question  

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Hi All,

Im a survey crew chief where I work and know very little about Autocad so apologies in advance. I've noticed that the line-work I do in Leica Captivate, when I export it as a dxf file, comes in, in autocad, on a new layer named whatever the point code for the line is. for example, if I have a back of curb line created by a string of points labeled BC for Back of Curb the layer the actual Line in the dxf comes in on a layer called BC. The problem is the drafters in the office have a Base drawing made with predefined layers for all features. My question is, is there a way to get it so that the dxf lines come in on a preexisting layer in a drawing? 

Sorry for the bad explanation 


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There is a way to control that, it is all in the setup on the D.C. and if they have access to Infinity in the office it will be a much easier set-up.

Take a look at the items I have compiled at the link below. It is from a couple trainings I attended for Captivate and Infinity.

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