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Rodger Whited left us yesterday  


paden cash
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December 28, 2018 2:38 pm  

Rodger Whited, LS1298 and a colleague of mine, passed yesterday here in Norman.  I don't think there's an obit out there yet.

I officed with Rodger for a few years and enjoyed our "spirited" disagreements.  And although we weren't known much to see eye to eye, the conversation always evolved into a good BS session on the history of Oklahoma, railroads, guns or any other subject upon which we could agree.

One of our favorite "off-surveying" subjects was the dissection of films and stories.  One of Rodger's favorite movies was "No Country for Old Men".  Apparently one dialog that fascinated him was Sheriff Ed Tom Bell's (Tommy Lee Jones) dream pictured in the last scene of the movie.

He quoted that scene more than once (a day)...I thought Rog might want everyone to watch it and think of him.


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