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sUAV services  

TJE Yogi
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For  Drone imagery.... Are you charging by the hour, photos, or ?

What about travel time?

$100/hr. Plus travel time.

Looking for ideas of what is working


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chris mills
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Depends what is being asked for - just images? orthophoto? proper survey info?

If you are just being asked for images there are plenty out there who will do it at half any price you offer. Extra value comes with the skills set you can offer.

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150$ per hour with 4 hr min. For large sites....10$ per acre. All just images. If they want survey data treat it as normal topo, unless they ask for just basic surface info just to get an idea of whats going on, then I use the rates aformentioned. But this pricing is still work in progress....

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My flights were priced the same as other services, by the value of the product. I see no reason to limit my profit based on time.

Eventually surveyors will force the value down, primarily by charging almost enough to pay the electric bill...

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