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NGS storm imagery for Dorian posted to site  

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As part of its mission the US NGS flies aerial photography over storm-effected areas. Imagery is posted to their web site. Look to be high quality. Perhaps even useful for those working in areas impacted by the storm.

I once was an avid windsurfer and would spend a fair amount of time near the site shown in the image below and linked here:

The link above should be the area of the image below. This appears to be the highest level of magnification possible.

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Alan Chyko
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Thanks Mike!  Headed down that way this Friday.  Nice to see the roof is on our rental house, but it looks like the pool is full of sand.

Andy J
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wow, thanks for the link..   I went to the directory and noticed that while they go back to 2003, they don't have photos for one of the most destructive storms in SW FL, Charley from 2004.


The storms I picked all seem to be images "pre storm".   Hurricane Irma photos don't show any damage to Marco Island, but if you go to Google Earth and back the timeline up, they have images from the DAY after the storm and tons of damage is visible.   hmmmm

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One can determine the date of the imagery via the data layer box at the right side of the on-line image. You “de-select” dates to find the particular image’s date.

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I am not involved in the program in any way. I had assumed that it would always be post-storm imagery. I noted that the metadata provides dates only to the year-month and not day/days.

Marco Island looks to be a lovely spot. Too damned humid for me.

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