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Looking for power up help for Leica HDS6200 scanner (Need power cord?)  

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I was given a Leica HDS6200 and it had power in the batteries for a short time.  But now the batteries are drained and I dont have the 400 dollar power adapter cable.  Does anyone know how I can charge the batteries manually with low voltage.  This method hasnt worked for me on this unit, I have tried removing the battery pack and using pins into the serial port (2 positives and one negative).  The batteries charged up this way but the unit doesn't turn on, I suspect there is a 2 or 3rd internal battery that needs to be charged.  Perhaps someone knows which of the 3 pins at the base of the unit will charge the scanner?  (There is no voltage coming to the pins from the battery pack when connected even though I know the scanner has voltage).....Or perhaps someone can make me or sell me the appropriate amp/voltage for this scanner....obviously must be less then 400 bucks.  Mostly, I want to just mess around with the scanner, learn it and perhaps use it after I learn the software.  

Thank you

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A Harris
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If they don't have one they may make one for you.

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