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Ignorant, angry citizen calls cops on legitimate survey drone pilot  

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R.J. Schneider
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Drone Pilot

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Plumb Bill
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The video actually has me thinking I'm going to print up some tri-fold glossy handouts.  Referencing laws, etc. (in the most disarming way possible).  The vests are definitely a nice touch, too.

Just A. Surveyor
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I am reminded of a incident about 15 years ago now, maybe longer,  where I was approached by a angry adjoining landowner. He came out of his trailer carrying a shotgun and as he was approaching I turned on the voice recorder on my Ranger data collector. I stayed between him and my robot but I also made sure to keep the collector aimed at him while he was threatening me. I made sure to remind him that he was trespassing onto my clients property and the verbal assault continued until he noticed I was always keeping the collector aimed at him. He inquired about it and I informed him he was being recorded and he just turned and walked off.

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