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Anyone ever try drone mapping with a 12mp camera?  Friend of mine has a DJI with one and we are going to play around with it on a site just for practice/fun.  We will be using drone deploy and Pix4d for staters as well as apllying GCP's.  The site has already been surveyed on the ground so we can compare the results.  Any input would be great, thanks!

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Prior to starting our p4p program we used a p3 consultant. The results weren't bad, and you get experience. Good luck

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You will need to fly lower and have more GCP's to get the same results as a 20MP w/ Mechanical Shutter. Most likely the 12MB camera has a digital shutter. This creates "Rolling Shutter" syndrome, which Pi4D can attempt to correct if you enable the feature under camera calibrations. 

D Bendell
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Like Lee said, fly lower. 100’AGL or less if possible.

In reference to what Lee said about rolling shutter I would suggest you stop the UAV for each pic, or reduce the flight speed to a minimum to reduce distortion. Although Pix4D compensates for the rolling shutter effect I haven’t extensively experimented with a lower resolution sensor with digital shutter. Therefore, like He said be sure you get your camera settings into the software correctly. I believe Pix4D will automatically recognize the sensor from the Phantom 3 Advanced/Pro. Pix4D has pretty good support if you have any issues although it’s usually a few days of emails back & forth even for simple answers.

Of course you could also just upload your images to the cloud platform from Pix4D or DroneDeploy on either of their trials.


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Thanks for the input!  I was planning on flying at 150' but will run an additional flight at 100' for comparison (it gets a little nerve racking at that height but there should be enough wiggle room above any obstacles).  Additionally I was planning on a speed around 10 mph.  I'm not sure how to stop the flight to take a pic using the drone deploy app but I will look into it.  So far my camera settings will be as follows: ISO=100, shutter 1/1000 or close to that depending on the over exposure warnings and histogram results.  Practicing still shots I noticed that the camera HDR setting produces crisp results but I'm not sure if it is possible or a good idea to perform aerial mapping with it on.  One suggestion I had, since it will be a 12mp camera, was to use the pix4d capture app and fly a double grid or a separate perpendicular flight in drone deploy.  Am I missing anything else?  

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