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anyone using UAS master Software?  

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im fed up with drone deploy. Would like to utilize our existing TBC licence and try UAS master.


Anyone have any negetive experiences with it. The new version that is. V9.0



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D Bendell
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A buddy of mine tried it with His TBC license but was calling me and His Trimble support guy with numerous questions. I haven’t used it, but got a pretty crummy impression from the little bit I learned. His project bogged down and I believe He gave up on it. So take this experience with a grain of salt. I’ll shoot Him a text though, and if my impressions were wrong I’ll follow up with a better response.

My suggestion would be to trial Pix4D. GCPs and exports for two weeks. Many features and options make it far superior to DroneDeploy and you can still upload your images to their cloud for a check or easy processing. 

Andrew Clark
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I have been using the Maps Made Easy app for UAS flights, Pix4D for initial processing, then sprinkle in Global Mapper and AutoCAD (Carlson, whatever) to create the final outputs. With very good results.