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Forum Updates: 2018-11-18  

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In this latest round of updates, we've mostly fixed bugs and streamlined some features to help with forum performance. For those that enjoy reading about such things, here's a short list of the biggest issues we've solved. There's no huge feature updates in this release.


Password Reset 502

Some folks reported problems with the password reset function. When they requested a new password, they would sometimes receive a 502 Bad Gateway error. This has now been fixed.


Mark All Read 500

No, that's not the name of a NASCAR race. Some folks were reporting a 500 error when attempting to use the "Mark all read" link. This has been fixed.


Spammers Found A Loophole

I have the forum set to force moderation for any newly registered user that breaches a certain potential spam score. If they are visiting from an ISP with a history of spammers or if we don't know them from Adam, their first two posts are automatically put into moderation until I can review them. This means that I have to manually approve the first two posts for those users, which then proves that they are legit. So, if a user is truly a spammer, I won't approve those posts and they don't get published in the forum... this happens a lot, so you usually never see them because I don't approve them.

Aaaannnyyywwwaaayyy... some spammers figured out that there was a bug in the 2-post rule whereby they could submit those two posts, which would go into moderation, but then continue to post more posts and those would go live on the forum. Yikes! That's why you may have seen a few get through. This loophole has been closed!


Search Improvements

Searching the forum can be pretty slow. That's not likely to ever be a super fast process, since there's so much searchable content. But we've taken some steps to (hopefully) improve the speed of the search function.


Miscellaneous Database Optimizations

We've worked on streamlining the SQL database and forum code to lessen the calls to the database, thus improving performance on the overall forum. We've also managed to clean up some conditionals (and even removed some) to further reduce the amount of processing required throughout the forum.


Squashed Some Other Small Bugs

Of course, as usual, we've also squashed a bunch of little bugs in an effort to further hone the forum and the site overall.

Posted : November 18, 2018 11:27 am
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Posted : November 19, 2018 4:39 am
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