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Greetings to everyone! First time posting, but long time lurking.

I started my career as a draftsman out of high school on Guam since 2010, and it has always been my life's goal to pursue licensure by any means. I worked full-time at a private firm, mon-fri, and went to community college at night.  I eventually got my AS in Surveying Technology and graduated, with honors, in 2015.  In 2018, my wife and i made the decision to broaden our skills (she is a PE - electrical) and come out to Sacramento, CA.

I will admit that things move a lot quicker out here and its often overwhelming coming from a small island in the pacific, but i am forever grateful to have this opportunity. Especially transitioning from a metes and bounds territory into PLSS - townships and ranges, was scary. 

Since moving out here, I took the FS twice. I failed the first time, but quickly learned the format and re-initialized my game plan. As of Oct. 2018, i passed and received my LSIT certificate in the state of California. Realizing that i am one step closer to achieving my goal, i am aware of the road blocks that lie ahead. My biggest obstacle being reference letters. Of the 3 Licensed Surveyors i have worked for in my career, 2 of them have passed away before i could obtain a letter of recommendation. Furthermore, I feel like i am stuck because there are not enough Surveyors to reference at my current agency, but at the same time i value my job security. I would like to make more connections and perhaps receive/listen to any advice you could offer. But before you mention anything about local chapters or CLSA, just know that i have reached out, but i was not going to entertain any recurring membership fees.


Thank you all.

Posted : January 15, 2020 3:33 pm
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