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Trimble R8-3 Radio Mode Issues  

Scott Macklyn
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Hi all,

Currently have a set of Trimble R8 Model 3’s and having an issue with selecting a radio mode/protocol for each unit.

Current Firmware is 5.37. I can only select modes:

1. Trimtalk v1 @4800bps

2. Trimtalk v1 @8000bps

3. TT450s (HW) @4800bps

The units were converted to the 12.5khz band from the 25khz. Since then the option to select 9600bps has disappeared from the selection box. I have checked in both Trimble Access and WinFlash. Both units still work fine on either the 4800bps or 8000bps but annoying when I try to use other base stations that run 9600bps. Has anyone ever encountered this? I can also note that the option to change from 12.5 to 25 box is no longer selectable from my end (i imagine a dealer could change it but not that I will). I have had initial discussion with Trimble but they arent sure whats happening.

Any ideas would be welcomed.

Thanks Scott.

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Lee D
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What version of Access are you running? At some point 9600 was added back in; I'm pretty sure it's supported on Model 3s. We use 8000 because I know everyone has it regardless of firmware, etc. I could be wrong about the Model 3; I know it's on the R10.