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Trimble R8-3 and TSC7 Bluetooth Error  

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I've got a question for those of you who run the Trimble R8's with TSC7's.

Recently my data collector has been giving me the "Receiver is not responding. Attempting to reconnect." error code.  Usually this is due to the receiver battery dying, but my rover is on and connected to the base/radio.  It is not consistent throughout the day; some days it loses connectivity twenty times, some days it will stay connected for a full 8-10 hours.  It did this once the very first job I took it on (a little less than a year ago), but it snapped right back.  Weeks, even months will go by without any issues, but here recently it has been a reoccurring issue.  I keep my data collector updated through TBC and check for updates weekly.  The rover works fine with our TSC3, so it makes me think that the problem is the bluetooth connection from the TSC7 to the R8.  Any insight would be helpful!


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This could be a few different issues.  I will share what we do to help fix the issue.  My guess is this usually happens when the rover is bumped into something or tapped on the ground too hard?

1.) It could be a bad bluetooth board, which would require it to be replaced.

2.) Try and keep track if it happens with specific batteries, check and make sure the connections on both the rover and battery are clean, if not clean them up and see if that helps.

3.) It may be the springs on the connections in the rover. Take a business card and rip it in half. Place this in the battery holder, put the battery in and clip it into the rover. This one has been the most helpful and kept the rover from having to go into the shop more then once.


Other may have more suggestions, but those have helped myself more then once. Hope it helps.

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I’ll give it a try today and see what I can muster up.

Thank you for your response!

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Hey Andrew, if its not the battery spring thing @jpb mentioned, it could be your reciever firmware version, i believe it needs to be version 5.35 or higher to run with the TSC7.... Perhaps they have patched some communication between the 2 era's of technology, the TSC7 being a new thing and the R8-3 being 10 years old now....

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