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Trimble Base & Topcon Rovers  

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Hi guys,

First post so apologies if a bit of a newbie question. Client has requested on the first day to piggyback of my base setup (R10), using Topcon Rovers for machine control(unsure of exact model-somewhat recent I was told). I understand that I can create seperate Topcon files, but is it possible to set up the radio link between the two?



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John Hamilton
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Yes, it should be possible, just use RTCM.

CMR is a Trimble format, but some versions of it (but not CMRx, which is needed for multi-constellations) have been publicly released and some other manufacturers support it. 

The version of RTCM needed is dependent on if you are trying to use Galileo and Beidou. If possible use RTCM3.x if both ends support it. 

Also, the over-the-air format needs to be the same for both. 

I will say I think this is easier to implement over cell using NTRIP. The radio format issue can be a problem. I am not at all familiar with Topcon, so I don't know if there is a common format that both the base and rover can use. 

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You will also need to verify his Topcon receivers are not using 900 mhz radio frequencies, and that he has the same frequencies as you.


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Hey mate,

            I've got a reverse scenario happening at the moment, with a Topcon base feeding Trimble rovers. Keep the following in mind:


- Make sure your channel frequencies match, and also the output range (12.5 or 25 khz)

- I would beam the RTCM3 format, it's universally accepted among all manufacturers

- Check the radio protocol the base is speaking, I have the Topcon base speaking in Trimtalk to speak to the rover and our Topcon wired machinery is able to work with this.

- You may need to play with the baud rate at the rover end a bit, for some reason there was a miss match between the base and rover rates, but they're working ok. Just test these and you'll eventually find the rate that they will link at.


Once you have this done I'd be taking photos of all the settings on the screen to keep for future reference, all you need to do is match these setings for future machines.  

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