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I am new to access 2017.23.  Is it possible to use without assigning the units as base and rover?  I use a hourly subscription from LSU C4G network.  Usually what I do is setup the base take a 3 min shot from C4G and then swap over to RTK.   Using access it only allows my rover to connect to the network.   I don't want take a 3 minute shot with rover move off the point then setup up the base.   Any suggestions?

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It does not prevent you from using multiple modes in a project. You can set up one survey style for connection to the RTN, take your control shots. Then close the survey and pick a survey style for base-rover. And you can open another later for total station use etc while still working in the same project. Same with nearly any brand. As Obi-Wan said: "Use the manual Luke".  Smile


Stephen Ward
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Set up a style for the network rover that specifies the serial number for the unit you typically use for your base.  Run your 3 minute session on the network, then end the network survey and switch to base rover.  If you have the base rover RTK style setup correctly, it should use the net rover unit as the base and the other as the rtk rover.

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I forgot to add i have R8-3 (base) and R8-2 (internal radio does not transmit).   I tried the above with no luck.  I will just have to into: instrument -> Gnss functions -> Bluetooth and turn them on/off as i need.  Thanks for the help.