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Topcon Hiper V and Surv Ce  

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I have a topcon hiper v running surv ce 6.0 does anyone have a problem when the batteries die or you change them out on the base or rover. After I put a new battery in I get a fix again go stake a point and its off by a couple feet. I can go through the setup in carlson again and everything will be correct when the battery dies its losing the base location I guess and then if you don't reset everything it will be off. I want to say it still does this even if the battery doesn't go dead and I change them out. I have talked to carlson about this they say its a topcon problem but I have run the same units before in survey pro and never had this issue you don't have to reconnect every time a batter dies or is changed. Could this be a setting on the receivers or a setting in carlson I am need to change.

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David Livingstone
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I was running the same receivers and if I restarted the rover it was not a problem but my software was Survey Pro. If you think about it the base is just transmitting once you start. That shouldn’t change when you restart the rover. In survey Pro it would just get the base location over the radio link. 

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I've seen some pretty gross errors with Topcon. Especially in networks.  Salesman don't go over them, because most don't know.   I had a rover go bad a couple years ago.  Check to established control every time you restart or randomly thru your day.  You'll eventually get tired of this and get Leica or Trimble...

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If you change the battery, the receiver must be restarted.  The alternative is to have a 12 volt or similar external power supply for the base receiver that will power if for a full day.  When you restart the base with any software, you must constrain it to the original reference position, because, in Carlson, unless you call up  the original ref file, you are going to get a new autonomous position.  That is what causes it to be "off by a couple of feet."  That "off by a couple of feet" is the difference between the current autonomous position the base took when it was restarted and the original reference position.

I suppose Topcon could have engineered a back-up battery into the system that would allow you enough time to swap batteries without the unit going dead but they didn't.  So, you must recall the file that contains the original reference position taken by the base when you started it the first time.  If you're not having it store that file, you would have to do a localization on one or more of the points you've previously stored.

A Harris
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I have been following a Topcon user and chaining would be closer than his GPS.