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Testing Procedures for Legacy GPS Gear for Week Rollover on April 6-7  

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True Corner
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This is what Trimble has on it's website: - Trimble 4700 and 4800 GPS 

It may work for all the legacy receivers.

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Any update on how the Leica 530's handled the rollover week? I have a job coming up where RTN with the GS14 may not be an option due to spotty cell coverage. I may need to bust out the trusty old base and rover setup.

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Can't talk about Leica, but my ancients are still trundling out accurate, repeatably, measurements.

For years I've run Sokkia RTK, base Radian, rover 2650LB.

Taken them out twice since the doomsday event and they haven't complained.

My first trial seemed to take little longer to initialise but that could have been imagination.

Don't post process. Log 2 minute observations in SurvCe, repeat such several times, come back later to check.

I mainly use them for cadastral control.

Happy all round here.

Apologies of double line spacing  That's outside my control  

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