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Start Configuring my 4700, 5700, Legacy E ports without datacollector  

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Is it possible to configure say port 2 (on Trimble 4700, 5700) to receive base data in RTCM 3 format and report RTK solutions in NMEA $GPGGA and $GPGST ? Is it possible with GPS Configurator or the Toolbox. Can these program tell if the receiver has RTK option instelled?

I do not want to buy used data collector.

I would like to attach serial-to-bluetooth adapter to the configured in such way receiver's port and use Lefebure Ntrip Client on my Android device to supply real  or virtual base raw data for RTK processing to the unit. The Lefebure Ntrip client than can use Aanroid location manager and transmit reported RTK  positions as Mock Location Provider and finally location aware apps can use cm accurate positions along with accuracy estimations.

I used these receivers a long time ago but I do not have them to play with.

(Actually I wrote my own Android app which has my own Ntrip client and allows to store reported RTK solutions in $GPGGA and $GPGST, it stakes points an lines but it is not finished yet,  my App would do more than Lefebure Client hopefully)

I also would like to know if it is possible to configure without data collector Topcon Legacy E receivers, will Topcon Receiver Utility v 2.9 do the job ?

how to find out out if Topcon Legacy E understand RTCM 3.x they are so old that they may understand only RTCM 2.2-2.3 ? Will the utility tell if RTK option is installed.

Sorry for bugging with so many questions, hopefully answers would help a lot those of us who want to built a RTN rover out of ebay leftovers.

Thank you.

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Nate The Surveyor
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I've got 2 legacy e's, antennas, ready to run. Data collector maybe too.

I aught sell em

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