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OPUS Error Message  

Pac NW Tech
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Anyone see this message before?  What does it mean?  It just gives me this, no data. I've always had GLONASS data included, but it just now gave me this message 


FILE: UNIT1_101.tps OP1557173172800


 1015 The RINEX data file that was submitted contained Glonass observables.

 1015   Currently OPUS does not support datasets with Glonass data.  Please

 1015   re-submit the dataset without the Glonass data. See line 1 of the

 1015   RINEX version of your file to see if the constellation type is correct


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John Hamilton
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I note that you sent in a native topcon file, I always convert to rinex before sending to OPUS. In a rinex file there is a "flag" on the first line that tells what kind of data is in the file. Usually with Trimble files converted to rinex (by TEQC) it is either G (for GPS) or M (for mixed). Both of these work. However, if the first epoch had only Glonass then the flag will be R, and OPUS thinks it does not have GPS. In that case, simply changing the R to G or M should work. 

So, convert to Rinex and make sure the flag is either G or M. That should fix it.