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Many PBO CORS Stations Unavailable  

Gene Kooper
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For those in the western states that rely on the stable, PBO CORS stations, a quick heads up regarding data availability.  All of the PBO stations that I use in my OPUS Projects solutions have no data for the last three days.  A quick inquiry to NGS indicates that this occurred during the last rollover too, where many stations had no data beginning the day before the rollover.

Here is the status map for PBO stations that shows many are "Status Unavailable."

PBO Network Monitoring


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There was an unexpected reboot of a component of their system on Saturday that resulted in a halt in processing. I have been told that the system has been restarted and the GPS/GNSS dataflow is working again. I have been told that the observation files (24-hr daily files) collected during this period will be available to users for post-processing or submission to OPUS. The 1 Hz files built from the real-time system may not be accessible however.

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