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Leica MDB files  

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I run two older Leica GPX 1230 units and I post-process the MDB files with Carlson SurveyGNSS.  It's a very affordable program and powerful (under $2000).

I then send the *.moo files directly to OPUS as a check and I never have a problem (unless the units are too close to a canopy or a building).

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A bit of a followup on the original question I had about .mdb (.m00) and OPUS. 

I didn't realize the OPUS would accept the .m00 files directly. 

I did it both ways with the TEQC conversion to Rinex and then the .m00 file, same results.  

My 40 minute occupation with good coverage yielded results .04H/0.08V different than VRS. 

(I know it's old hat for you guys, but I thought it was cool as heck).

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