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Leica 1250 m00 files  

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Hi, I am new to using GPS. I have borrowed a Leica RX1250 and antenna. I am trying static and RTK.

In static, initially the logger was generating the following native/binary files in the DBX  folder: i00, i01, m00, m01, X01, X02, X06, X08, X12, X14, X18, X22, X23

I have been changing the RTK setting which shouldn't make any difference but now only get: x02, x06, x18, x23. I am not sure if this is the reason as I am still surveying in static.

I cannot find the m00 file to convert for post processing. I have set to static RAW obs at 30s intervals (I believe this should be the same as the CORS data) and the logger appears to be collecting data.

I am using teqc to convert the files, downloading local RINEX CORS data from OSNet (I am in the UK) and ephemeris/sp3 files from IGS and post processing in RTKlib. 

Naively I was expecting a solution rather than a pos file with many positions.

pos screen shot


Any help appreciated.

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Upload your files to Mega or One drive etc and I'll integrate with Infinity

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