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Are You Ready For The GPS Week Rollover?  

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Jim Frame
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I was surprised to see that the PM2 isn't affected.  I haven't turned mine on in about a decade, but apparently they still work.

Dave Karoly
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According to the email from Trimble we need at least firmware version 2.32; we have 4.84 on three R4-3 receivers and 5.35 on three R8s receivers so we should have a go for launch.

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A new WNRO resource page from Unavco (the folks that run the Earthscope PBO GNSS array). They have links to info for all of the models/makes they have (or have had) in their inventory,  and results of some of their own tests (and an interesting video of one of those tests).

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

GPS rollover is upon us!

I set 5 nails in the yard yesterday, in a line 5 feet apart.  I collected 2.5 hours of data with 5 receivers, 1 new Javad, and 4 older units.  I will download and process the data myself against a local CORS station and compare the results.  I will also upload each file to OPUS to verify their software is getting the same results as mine, and everything is 5ft apart and in a line.  Next week I will repeat the procedure and see if the results match.  I am only concerned with static work with these old receivers, so this is the testing procedure I came up with.

Anyone else go through testing their equipment? 


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I tested some Promark Xcm units ... dates were about 19-1/2 years off(August 1999), but everything else "appears", okay ... we shall see once I re-learn how to download the data, make Rinex files and how I used to change the dates on the Rinex files.

BTW ... I have 14 Promark Xcm's, and they look virtually brand new. I plan on giving 4-5 to a buddy in southern Ohio, might keep 2-3 and would like to find someone who could use what's left ...



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I don't think you need a careful test of accuracy.  With this change, either it will process or it won't.


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