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Are You Ready For The GPS Week Rollover?  

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Mark Silver
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ProMark 100, 120, 200, 220 + 

MobileMapper 100, 120:

  1. Download the update file from the Trimble file source. Put it (as a .CAB file) on an SD card. The SD card should be 4GB or less so that the device can read it.
  2. Make sure device battery is fully (or very nearly fully) charged.
  3. Turn on the device. Wait for it to fully boot.
  4. From the ‘File Explorer’ on the mobile device (NOT ON YOUR PC!) navigate to the card and then click on the .CAB file. The installer will auto-run. (You can find the ‘File Explorer’ under Start(flag), Programs then drag up.)
  5. When/if asked to ‘overwrite existing’ answer yes.
  6. When asked to ‘Choose a location…’ pick ‘Device’, then click ‘Install’
  7. Blue bar moves across screen,
    then receiver reboots,
    wait until receiver
    then ‘GNSS Upload’ will appear,
    a new blue bar will slowly move across the screen listing ‘File : gnss_Hm27.bin’,
    next the bar returns to left and then quickly moves to right,
    finally device returns to main menu.
  8. You can verify that update was succesfull:
    Start(flag): GNSS Toolbox: About:
                    GNSS Toolbox Version: 3.5.3
                    GNSS Service: Version 2.5.1
                    GNSS Firmware: Hm27
                    System Firmware: W215
David Livingstone
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I know one issue I have is upgrading the Firmware in my Hiper II's.  I am running a couple of newer Rangers with my GPS and when I upgrade the firmware, they stop working.  It appears that after doing this in the past and having problems I would have to pay for an OAF file or Legacy file for the Hipers to make them work with the Rangers if I upgrade firmware.  I'm hoping to get by doing nothing.

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I have PM500 with v4 firmware could i update to the v6.8 ? 

And what about the fast survey software of the MMCX controller in v2.3.5? Is there any chance of incompatibility  ?

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